Dioctyl Adipate(DOA)

DOA, dioctyl adipate is a primary plasticizer. It is the most important in the adipate group, it offers a high efficiency, better flexibility properties at low temperatures and resistance to the loss of color by exposure to heat and ultraviolet light. It is used in PVC applications offering better properties at low temperatures compared to phthalates. This plasticizer imparts low viscosities.

Di Iso Nonyl Phthalate(DINP)

Diisononyl phthalate is a phthalate used as a plasticizer. DINP is typically a mixture of chemical compounds consisting of various isononyl esters of phthalic acid, and is commonly used in a large variety of plastic items

dl-(2-Propyl Heptyl) Phthalate (DPHP)

DPHP, di Propyl Ester Heptanol is a primary plasticizer. It is used as a main plasticizer in construction for the manufacture of covers as it provides extraordinary properties for weather resistance. In addition to this application the product is also used for the manufacture of cables as well as for other applications in the automotive industry

Di Octyl Tere Phthalate (DOTP)

DOTP is a primary non-phthalic plasticizer resulting from the esterification of 2 Ethyl Hexanol with Terephthalic Acid. It offers good mechanical properties and permanence. It provides excellent flexibility, good dielectric properties and similar volatility to DOP. It is suitable for cable cover, vinyl floors and other flexible applications.

Dioctyl Phthalate (DOP)

DOP, dioctyl ester is a primary plasticizer widely used in the PVC industry specially in flexible applications like; cable, footwear, hoses, profiling, extrusion, laminates and film.

Chlorinated Paraffin Wax (CPW)

Chlorinated Paraffin Wax formulations are used in a wide range of industrial applications including flame retardants, paints and coatings. Aryafin is a brand manufactured by ABCIL.