DUROX LR3, Hydrogen Peroxide Food Grade (3%)

Durox-LR-3 is FDA (Thailand) approved surface disinfectant, which disinfects a wide spectrum of microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. Durox-LR-3 is an environment friendly (water + oxygen), alcohol free disinfectant.

Hydrogen Peroxide Food Grade (25%, 35%)

Durox Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide products meet the high-purity requirements of the Food Chemicals Codex and are designed for food uses allowed in the Food Codex of Indian Food industry Regulations. These products are used in aseptic packaging as well as other food sterilization and bleaching applications.

Hydrogen Peroxide in Food Processing

Because of its strong oxidising property, hydrogen peroxide is used as a bleaching agent in some foods such as wheat flour, edible oil, egg white etc. in countries like the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

It is also allowed to be used as an antimicrobial agent in food, e.g. milk, and as a sterilizing agent for food packaging materials.

In processing food, the dosage of hydrogen peroxide should be limited to the amount sufficient for the purpose.

In the Mainland, hydrogen peroxide is included in the list of food processing aids. In general, processing aids used in food should be removed from the final products.

Hydrogen Peroxide 50% Technical Grade

Hydrogen peroxide, a chemical that appears as a colorless liquid, is used in a wide range of cleaning and household care products, including hair dyes and bleaches, bathroom cleaners and laundry stain removers. It has other consumer and industrial uses as well, including water treatment, textile bleaching, pulp and paper bleaching, Pesticides, Insecticides, etc.

Peracetic Acid (5%,15%)

A stable combination of Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide & Acetic acid developed by A Joint Venture of TPL, Aditya Birla Chemicals & Evonik Germany

Basic Function : Disinfection & Sanitizing

Disinfection: The agent that Kills & prevents growth of bacteria, fungus, viruses etc. An Ideal Disinfectant kills 100% microbes.

Sanitization: The agent that reduces the occurrence or growth of germs. An Ideal Sanitizer reduces 99.99% of germs

With change in dosage levels PAA can act as both, Disinfectant & Sanitizer.

With Higher concentration PAA acts as a disinfectant & at lower concentration PAA acts as a sanitizer.

  • Biodegradable, eco-friendly & versatile liquid disinfectant, cum sterilizer.
  • Self-decomposing, making it a non-toxic solution post application.
  • Self-disinfecting, making water a reusable resource.